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Hello everyone, my name is Sylvan Noel.  Obviously you are here because you took the brave step into the network marketing field and now you're looking for direction.  I am glad I can be here to be the guiding light I did not have when I began, I will save you the years of aggrevation most networkers face when searching for the right team and company.  Even for seasoned networkers it can be challenging with all the scams and claims of thousands daily with no results.  Do your due diligence on the company I represent now, and find out how my Liberty health net team can help you earn what you are worth.

For the past 8 years, this sleeping giant named Liberty Health Net has been causing a suspicious surge in income for many networkers.  Under the direction of our new president Shelly Ferree, over the last year she has taken Liberty health net to new heights.  Thanks in part to the systems and pay plan in place, we have been setting recruiting records almost monthly.  Liberty health net is definitely one for your portfolio, find out how my team can make it your best business ever.

Liberty health net's revolutionary compensation plan that pays up to 100% across 5 levels is unheard of in the industry.  The payout comes to over $28,000 a month on a full matrix, plus you have the opportunity to re-enter at the 4th level and do it all over again.

Of course not everyone fills the Liberty health net matrix, so what you have to do is join a Liberty health net team that is willing to help you, guide you, and instruct you on the quickest most effective methods to filling the Liberty health net matrix, this is where I come in.  Our main and first goal, get you into profit.  People quit to often because of lack of money, if your Liberty health net business is paying for itself, you have no reason to leave.  Let's say you are at the $30 level, we will give you tactics to bring in 1 member a week, so even if you bring 1 a month at the $50 level, your Liberty health net product cost is still taken care of, and you begin building a residual income.

This team is run by a team of networkers who all have success in the industry.  Never take tips from a broke upline, or someone who cannot sponsor a single person, learn from one of the best teams in Liberty Health Net.  Main members of our team include Oscar Burgos, Cybthia Denkin, Lee Williams, Ray Spraul, and many more who all have unique techniques and instructions to bring to the table.  Our training calls inspire out Liberty health net team and we grow bigger and stronger daily thanks to them.

As a member of our Liberty health net team you get the opportunity to pick our brains for all our Liberty health net secrets.  How and where we advertise?  The most cost effective methods? How much do I spend, are you ready ... drum roll please... I spend about $50 a month advertising Liberty health net.  You can do less or more, but I can show you exactly how I built a downline of over 150 networkers in under 5 months for less than your cell phone bill.  Most companies cost $100 for the product, let alone advertising and the marketing system.  I can show you how to advertise Liberty health net, get your products, and even a marketing system, the free Liberty health net probuilder system for less than the ocst of other companies' products.

Here are the 5 things necessary to your success

1) Your drive and motivation

2) Leverage (either time or money)

3) A solid company with tangible products

4) A Comp plan that pays well

5) Most importantly a strong support team

Remember Liberty health net is an 8 year old company doing business in over 50 countries.  We have about 14 different products with real testimonials that prove their efficiency.  This is a strong team that will contact you so much to make sure you chase your goals that you may hate us, but we will only be hard on you to mold you into a success.  Liberty health net pays 100% over 5 levels.  All we need now is your drive, and your time, because we are all here to make money in Liberty health net, not spend it. 

Our Liberty health net team is currently the only one to have a full video training website, another training website provided by Oscar Burgos, another being built to include over $50,000 worth of products, and a graphic artist on hand to help you build beautiful and optimized Liberty health net websites to feed to the search engines.

You want to join the most knowledgeable Liberty health net team out there, and the ones who will give you the tools and have the systems in lace for you to succeed, my team delivers in all areas so check us out today.

By entering your information below a Liberty health net leader will be with you soon.  You also help support our team's Pay it forward ystem and have the opportunity to join for FREE.  Also you will be sent access to gifts woth over $150 just for visiting.  Don't forget to take a tour at the liberty health net probuilder site to witness our system in action, you will be forwarded there after submitting below.  Liberty health net    



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