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Angel Power is a wonderful fruit flavored chewable vitamin formulated exclusively for young children.

In today’s world, it is so important for our children to have an adequate supply of vitamins to build a strong and healthy body. Often times with the busy days that we have, getting together a meal that is rich in everything our children need each day can be difficult. So, having the kids supplement what they do eat with a good multi-vitamin is a great way to help insure that their growing body’s receive the essentials that are required. But for the younger children, sometimes it is hard to get them to take a big "adult" sized and maybe "yucky" tasting ( to them ) tablet.

To address that, LHN has put together a great formula and made them "chewable" for the younger set that can not so easily easily swallow the larger tablet.

Angel Power is also suitable for adults that have difficulty swallowing tablets.

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