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Absorbable Coral Calcium -- Ecologically Safe

For Strong Bones, Cardio and Immune System!

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When I take Liberty Health Net Coral Calcium, I sleep like a baby. It's great to be able to get these kinds of results with a natural mineral supplement. We also love Expression.
Marina Hyatt, WA

Liberty Health Net's Coral Calcium is nature’s gift for good health. Coral Calcium is vital for strong bones and your cardiovascular and nerve system. It’s also one of the best immune system boosters available today. A healthy immune system is the vital key to a long and healthy life.

 Coral Calcium can raise your body's pH levels while boosting protective powers for your immune system.  With it's ultra high mineral content, Coral Calcium actually helps to increase your body's alkaline (high pH) state. With a high pH level, your body is healthier, oxygen rich and can have the ultimate in immune system protection.

We are proud to say that the calcium used in our coral calcium product is ecologically safe. Living reefs are protected because we use only fossilized coral from above sea level deposits on Okinawa.

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