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A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory for Joint Care!

Liberty health net GC-MSM

Liberty Health Net's GC-MSM Plus is our effective solution to your need for healthy joints and joint relief. The Arthritis Pain Epidemic in North America has reached enormous proportions. Millions of people suffer from some form of arthritis, with a huge impact on their quality of life.

 According to a 1990 study, Management of Pain, more than one-third of the U.S. population suffers from chronic pain. The medical costs of disability due to chronic pain are said to exceed $100 million a year.

 The search for effective and safe arthritis alternatives without side effects has led to the increasing popularity of natural health products, such as this formulation.

MSM is organic sulfur, a compound that occurs naturally in nature and in the human body. It is necessary for the structure of every living cell. Hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and antioxidants all depend on it. And because the body utilizes and expends it on a daily basis, MSM must be continually replenished for optimal nutrition and health. The nutritional benefits were unknown until discovered by chemical researcher Robert J. Herschler in the early 1980s.

Glucosamine  has been shown to improve joints by stimulating the production of glycosaminoglycan (GAG). Without GAG, the collagen matrix loses its gel-like nature and its ability to act as a shock absorber. The body’s intrinsic production of glucosamine decreases in some people as a natural result of aging. The inability to produce glucosamine may be a major factor leading to osteoarthritis.

It has been shown the longer the use of glucosamine, the better its therapeutic effect. Long-term use of Glucosamine produces better long-term results than NSAIDs as determined in double-blind studies conducted to compare the two. While NSAIDs concentrate on symptomatic relief, GS appears to address the cause of OA.

Glucosamine helps the manufacture of collagen, the protein part of a fibrous substance that holds your joints together. Collagen is the major component of the shock-absorbing cushion "articular cartilage" which is the white smooth surface that covers the ends of your body joints like fingers, wrists, knees, and others.

Glucosamine helps bind water in the body's cartilage matrixes. It has been shown to increase collagen and normalize cartilage metabolism, to help keep your cartilage from breaking down. Glucosamine can kick start the production of cartilage main elements and protect them at the same time. Glucosamine can help the body fix damaged cartilage in your body.

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