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My wife has suffered from her legs and feet swelling for years. She has a heart problem and her medicine causes edema. Before she started taking Grape Seed Extract (GSE100), she had to take two pairs of shoes to work. One for the morning and another for after lunch. Thanks to Grape Seed Extract, she doesn't have to do that anymore! What a change this one product has had on my family's life!
Travis L, GA


Grape Seed Extract has been exhaustively studied by some of the most prestigious medical facilities around the world.   The results are no less than astounding.  In the research of Dr. Jacques Masquelier, Dr. Richard Passwater, Dr. Morton Walker, the Pasteur & Huntington Institutes, Grape Seed Extract has been proven to be an exceptional leader in the fight against free radical (cell-damaging) activity in human physiology.

According to many studies, free radicals are one of the major causes for aging and for the general degradation of our body.  They work against our immune system and play a major role in the development of chronic and degenerative disorders.  Fortunately, the damage caused by free radicals is primarily oxidative and may be reversed by using antioxidants.

Until the discovery of Grape Seed Extract, the best sources of antioxidants were found in vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene.  The shortcoming of these sources is that they are not powerful enough to combat free radicals. 

According to studies, Grape Seed Extract is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. 

It can be safely said that Grape Seed Extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man – and one of the most important immune system nutrients to come along in the past 50 years.  A healthy immune system is the vital key to reversing the aging process and for providing a long and healthy life.


In 1989 I suffered a whiplash injury due to an auto accident. Within a few weeks my blood pressure had elevated to 177 over 110. Since then I have spent a considerable sum of money trying to control my problem. About 8 weeks ago I started taking 2 of LHN'S Grape seed capsule (GSE100) each day. I took one per day for a few days prior to that. I was being cautious because of being on 3 kinds of blood pressure medication at the time. I am concerned about side effects. Even taking all of the above, one week ago my blood pressure was still too high -- 168 over 100. I then decided to increase my dosage of grape seed to 3 per day. Yesterday I was shocked to get a blood pressure reading of 133 over 78. That is the lowest since May 1989. I feel like my cell door has been opened and I am free again. From now on it's 3 a day. I want to stay in 'Grape Shape'. Thank you Liberty Health Net for the life changing option you offer.
Donnie S, IN

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