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100% Wild-Crafted Tiaga Mushroom Tea

Bracket Mushroom Immune Support!


Liberty health net immune tea

Immune-Tea is rich in the beta glucans needed to revitalize your immune system! This tea provides your body with the building blocks needed to help it balance, so it can heal itself from the onslaught of aging and disease.  Another HOT new product!

Tiaga is a bracket fungus, native to the mountains of temperate North and South America. It is closely related to the Reishi of Japan, and the Ling Chi of China. These mushrooms all contain Beta Glucan as a primary mechanisms of action.

 The Native Tribes of North America have long used, yet closely guarded, this powerful bracket mushroom known to them as "Tiaga."  It is a sacred food that was used in times of sickness and hardship to keep the spirit and body strong.

 Elements in this tea signal the body to create new immune cells, which are essential to overcoming disease and maintaining the general health and vitality of the human body.

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