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Liberty health net mangosteen pomegranate acai goji

Liberty Health Net MGA Plus contains mangosteen, goji berries, acai and pomegranate, which are four powerful and carefully researched nutritional foods.  Though new to most of us, each has a long history of benefits in its native culture.

Mangosteen is a tasty fruit found in eastern tropical nations such as Thailand.  The mangosteen pericarp (the outer shell) is the greatest known supply of compounds called "xanthones", which offer powerful immune and cardiovascular support.

Goji berries grow in the Himalayas.  Scientific research reveals that Goji's four unique polysaccharides (LBP1, LBP2, LBP3 and LBP4) work in the body as directors and carriers of instructions that cells use to communicate with each other.

It can be said that the goji polysaccharides are "master molecules" because of their ability to command and control many of the body's most important biochemical defense systems.  They are of great importance to the smooth functioning of virtually every cell in the entire body.

Acai fruit grows in the Amazon Rain Forest.  It may be the most perfect food on the planet, since it is rich in so many nutrients, including amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals with the largest phytonutrient antioxidant level of all fruits.

Pomegranate is very high in ellagic acid.  Research has shown that ellagic acid exhibits anti-carcinogenic and anti-parasitic properties.

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