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The pay it forward system is a very simple system based around a very powerful concept.  It is when your sponsor pays your way in and in return you have to do the same for at least one more person.  The way my team commits to this is that everyone is willing to "Pay It Forward" for at least 1 person a month.  This ensures rapid downline growth, and higher downline retention.  In 12 months of doing this your downline would be at 4096 people, more than 3 times the size of our filled 4x5 matrix that pays over $28,000 a month.

With the system, we recommend people enter at the $30 level, minimum investment for both the sponsor and the new enrollee, this leaves more of an advertising budget.  Paula Scarcella of the lhn probuilder system has been kind enough to provide everyone with an additional marketing system for Pay it forward.  Just like with lhn probuild, pay it forward comes with its own set of capture pages, as well as a built in autoresponder.

Now with the cost taken care of, how does pay it forward handle finding the prospects.  It utilizes all the same training as lhn probuiilder, with some additional resources.  Right now Paula is working with the pay it forward system in order to provide people with the opportunity to purchase guaranteed sign-ups.

Not everyone is able to generate enough leads to pay it forward for one person a month.  As long as we have people willing to participate in "PIF" we will do our best to provide the prospects.

I have a solution for generating the Pay it forward customers.  At the bottom of this page is a form to request info on pay it forward, anyone who does so will be contacted personally by me.  You will also be forwarded to the pay it forward website where you will see out marketing system in place.  Here is my problem and your solution.  I only want to sponsor 1 per month through pay it forward, so what to do with the other prospects?  I will be giving them away for free, to any members I feel will deal with our new partners correctly.  When I have prospects ready to join, I will contact my downline members and let them know that they have the opportunity to pay it forward for a new team member.  I will remove the person from my marketing system to make sure that the person who pays it forward will receive the proper commission for their members.

I feel this is better than a guaranteed sign-up system that may cost $50 a member or more.  The only problem with my system is, I cannot guarantee a constant flow of members, but I can assure you I will not charge a fee for generating the lead.  Below is an optin form for more info on how pay it forward can pay you.  I will be contacting all interested parties and set you up with sponsors who work with you, and our system that works for you.  You will be forwarded to the PIF site where you can sign up for the free tour, this is required in order to set up your free marketing system later.  You will also be sent some free gifts worth over $150.  See you on the other side.

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