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The LHN probuilder system was invented specifically to work hand in hand with Liberty Health Net by one of our upline leaders, Paula Scarcella.  Before the LHN probuilder system, Liberty Health Net went largely unnoticed by many marketers, this may be the reason you have never heard of it.  Since the introduction of the system, we have had people joining and taking tours by the hundreds and thousands.  Fact is the system works, and the best part is it's free.

Most companies, in fact almost every other company charges you a minimum of $20 a month to use "their special marketing system".  At Liberty health net we work together and everyone has full acces to the system.  I have sponsored people who were in LHN a few years ago but they found it too hard to market.  With the lhn probuilder system in place, they have come clamoring back to Liberty health net and are seeing great success.  My hardest working LHN returnee is Greg West who has personally sponsored 13 people and is still going strong.

The LHN probuilder system also comes with step by step promotion instruction, the ability to run direct mail campaign with a few clicks, and even lists of the top ad sources out there.

You can see a preview of the lhn probuilder system by clicking Here 

Every probuilder system comes with the ability to choose from 10 different splash page templates.  This works great for search engines because there is more original content out there, and visitors see different pages instead of the same old plain page.

The folks in charge of the LHN Probuilder system were also kind enough to provide a built in autoresponder for all the capture pages that automatically sends out e-mails to all prospects who opt in, for a period of 2 months.  It is also directly connected to the Liberty health net corporate site so pre-enrollees don't have to go far to join you.

All members are given the opportunity to receive 2 other autoresponders in the lhn probuilder system.  One you can simply request, and for a $30 yearly fee, not monthly but yearly, you will have 5000 fresh autoresponder leads uploaded for you into the system, and on top of that it comes with pre-loaded messages.

The other autoresponder provided by the lhn probuilder system is only for those on $100 autoship, and it allows you to upload 100,000 leads a month, and I am willing to give you 75,000 of those leads every month for you to mail to, absolutely free.  My special offer is for those who join at any level, even at $30 a month, I will give as many leads as you are willing to contact through e-mail or phone.

Lhn probuilder in conjunction with the pay it forward system has developed a guaranteed sign-up process that will revolutionize the business and explode everyone's downline.

For more information on Liberty Health Net and to take a tour of the probuilder system click: