LHN Products

 Liberty health net is an 8 year old established network marketing company.  Our products are all health realted, and due to our length of time in business, we have a collection of 14 different products to choose from to date.  They range in price from $30 to $100, but after the $100 mark many products get marked down to $10.  Here is a list of the products we market:

 liberty health net products

  • LHN- GSE 100
    LHN's grape seed extract product GSE 100, One of Nature's Most Potent Anti-Oxidants

  • LHN- Weight Loss Plus
    LHN's Weight loss plus has been proven to reduce weight and food cravings.

  • LHN- Vita-Min Plus
    Liberty health net's all inclusive vitamin blend. Supplies a rich daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and valuable antioxidants.

  • LHN- Coral Calcium
    Liberty health net absorbable coral calcium, good for strong bones and a healthy cardio and nerve system.

    Liberty health net Glucosamine - Chondroitin - MSM, powerful anti-inflamatory.

  • LHN- Alligin
    Liberty Health Net Allicin (Garlic) plus Ginger, Alligin Gives Super Immune System Support!

  • LHN- ImmuneTea
    Liberty health net 100% Wild-Crafted Tiaga Mushroom Tea Bracket Mushroom Immune Support!

  • LHN- Liquid Oxygen
    Liberty health net O2 Plus is the newest generation of this super-oxygenation technology. This wonderful product is ideal for both rehydration, and improving one's sense of overall wellness.

  • LHN- MGA Plus
    Liberty health net MGA plus contains Mangosteen -- Goji -- Acai -- Pomegranate

  • LHN- pH Plus
    Liberty health net pH Plus is the perfect companion supplement with O2 Plus. Together they effectively address the two critical elements in chronic illness, an acid pH and lack of oxygen.

  • LHN- Expression Facial Care
    The complete line of Expression Facial Care products is formulated expressly for LHN by our personal manufacturer utilizing natural active ingredients.

  • LHN- Creatine
    LHN creatine can aid in improving anaerobic performance in athletic activities.

  • LHN- Angel Power
    LHN Angel Power is a wonderful fruit flavored chewable vitamin formulated exclusively for young children.

  • LHN- Super 02 Greens
    LHN Super 02 Greens is a complete oxygen-enhanced terrestrial and aquatic greens formula, super-charged with living nutrients and enzymes.


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