•Improves thyroid
• Increases red blood cells
• Promotes healthy circulation
• Enhances metabolism
• Helps retard aging process
• Strengthens defenses
• Improves digestion

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Liberty Health Net

Super 02 Greens

 liberty health net super greens

Super o2 Greens

Super 02 Greens is a complete oxygen-enhanced
terrestrial and aquatic greens formula, super-charged
with living nutrients and enzymes. This oxygen
enhanced formula energizes and alkalizes the system,
improves the intestinal environment, and helps to
cleanse and deodorize the body.
Some of the major benefits of high chlorophyll consumption listed in the book are:
• Maintains body's pH balance
• Detoxifies the blood
• Relieves bad breath and body odour
• Improves insomnia
• Functions as an anti-oxidant
• Revitalizes and activates body cells
• Removes mucus