LHN Compensation Plan


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Generous Car Payment Bonus -- 5% of total sales volume on levels 1-5
Earn $18-$60 on each Personal Referral's first order!
Lowest start-up cost in the industry -- Only $30!
4x5 Forced Matrix with a $21,300.00 potential payout!
FULL compression of matrix monthly for maximum payout
Re-entry on your 4th level!  Earn multiple residual checks!
Earn 150% with the Retail Plan!
No group volume requirements -- No CVs, BVs or other unfair terms.
Straight dollar amount paid on each purchase in your organization.

There are Three Ways to Earn Money with LHN

1. The Initial Sales BonusWe will pay you 60% of the first purchase made by your personally sponsored distributors.  This means that you can earn $18 to $60 of your personally sponsored distributor’s first purchase.  Only the sponsor will receive commission from the first month’s purchase.  Commissions on following month’s purchases will be paid to qualified upline as usual. The Initial Sales Bonus is paid monthly.

2.  The Retail Plan -  You can start making money your first week in business using The Retail Plan.  You can earn up to 150% on every bottle you re-sell to your customers.  That’s $18.00 per bottle!  

In any month in which you purchase $100 worth of product, you are qualified to purchase additional product for $10-$20 each. You can retail these products for $30 to $60 a bottle.

If you are a recruiter, The Retail Plan will also increase your monthly earnings.  We do not pay commissions on the $10.00 and $20 product purchases, but we do pay full commissions on the $100.00 purchases increasing the monthly earnings for the recruiters.  Everybody wins!

3. The 4 X 5 Matrix -  Here's how it works:  Purchase at least one product monthly (for resale or personal use).  When you refer others to Liberty Health Net, and they purchase products, we will pay you commissions on their purchases.  When those members you have referred have their own referrals, you will earn additional commissions on those purchases.  This can continue through 5 levels.  Level 1 pays 5%, Level 2 pays 10%, Level 3 pays 10%, Level 4 pays 40% and Level 5 pays 10%.

Everyone who joins under you is placed in your 4x5 Forced Matrix (compressed monthly for maximum payout) -- 4 people on the first level, 16 on the second, 64 on the third, 256 on the fourth and 1024 on the 5th.  As soon as your second level is filled and you have people in your third level, you may re-enter under one of your third level people and start another 4x5 matrix. Build that and re-enter again & again -- earning you an unlimited income! A full matrix is designed for a potential payout of $21,300.00 a month!

Plus ... we have a monthly "Car Payment Bonus" that can earn you hundreds -- even thousands -- of dollars each month! You can earn an additional 5% of your Total Sales Volume on levels 1-5!




Simplicity: an  incredible compensation plan that works for anyone. The LHN compensation plan is designed to allow anyone, even people with no experience or success, to make a good  monthly income.


Distributor Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Car Payment Bonus
Level 1 5% 5% 5% 5% of ALL your sales volume on levels 1-5
Level 2 10% 10% 10%
Level 3 10% 10% 10%
Level 4   40% 40%
Level 5     10%
Personal Volume $30.00 $50.00 $100.00 $100 Personal Volume
Personally Sponsored   2 PS @ $30 2 PS @ $30 10 Personally Sponsored Gold Distributors
Initial Sales Bonus:
60% of the first month’s purchase made by your personally sponsored distributors. Paid monthly.

Silver Distributor: to qualify, purchase $30.00 of product (1 product @ $30.00 for resale or personal use) each commission month.
Gold Distributor: to qualify, purchase a total of $50.00 in products and have 2 Personally Sponsored "Active" Distributors each commission month.
Platinum Distributor: to qualify, purchase $100.00 of product and have 2 Personally Sponsored "Active" Distributors each commission month.
Platinum Car Payment Bonus: to qualify, purchase $100.00 of product and have 10 personally sponsored "Active" Gold Distributors each commission month.
All income examples are for illustration purposes only.
 They are NOT intended as forecasts or predictions of your earnings.



1. All orders must be in by 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on the last business day of each month to qualify for commissions earned that month.
2. Commission checks are mailed out by the 15th of the month.
3. Checks under $7.00 will be rolled over to the next month.
4. Monthly Accounting Fee of $2.00 deducted from commissions.

Our mission is to make it easier for our distributors to succeed.

By combining a simple compensation plan with one of the lowest start-up costs in referral marketing, we have given our distributors the winning edge.

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