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lhn frequently asked questions

Why Join Liberty Health Net?

I have never seen a company, compensation plan, or marketing system like LHN.  I was like many of you guys.  I didn't know how to market, I didn't know where to start, and I never was able to sponsor anyone before Liberty health net.  Upon joining, I sponsored 1 person my first day, another my 4th day, and had a downline of 11 people people my first week.  This company is simply incredible, we provide you with everything you need to market to everyone.

Do I bug friends and family?

I have never done this.  I have talked to people who believe their only warm market is people they know personally.  Network marketing is about going out to meet new interesting people with different backgrounds and the same goal, financial freedom.  I will teach you to develop a warm market of your own by getting prospects to chase you instead of the other way around.

Do I have to spend $100 a month on products?

This is one of my favorite things about the company, you can get started for only $37.  I have joined numerous opportunities for $100, $200, even $1000, the problem is not many people have that kind of money.  We are here to make money no spend it, many of my members were able to join and enroll 2 people for les than $100 in their first month.  The only difference between the amount you spend is how much commission you qualify for and how many FREE leads you get.

Do you give me people to market to?

The probuilder system will give leads to all members on a monthly basis depending on your autoship level.

300- $30

750- $50

2000- $100

And also the ability to purchase 5000 leads a month for a $30 yearly cost.

Do I have to recruit people to get paid?

No you will get paid down to your 3rd level regardless of if you have sponsored anyone or not.  Payment on your 4th level requires a $50 a month autoship and 2 personally sponsored members, and the 5th level requres a $100 autoship, but by that time you will be making more than enough to cover product cost.  You are paid on everyone in your ,atrix that you qualify for, whether you sponsor them or not.  Due to the forced matrix structure, you may receive spillover from your upline to help build your matrix.

Can I speak to you 1 on 1 for coaching?

Of course, I am here to answer any questions you may have whether you are part of my team or not, or if you have joined or not.  I have had prospects contact me because they were not able to contact their sponsors before joining, and then they switched to my team.  I am here to be used to further your growth in any way possible.  My main number is 954-254-0116, I am also available through e-mail at bizb4fun at

I took a tour with someone else, can I switch to your team?

Of course, we have had many people do that because they were unable to contact their sponsors.  Just call me at 954-254-0116 and we can work it out.

Am I able to share the training you provide with people I recruit?

Not only that, I expect you to do this.  I will contact my downline with the login info for the training site.  Offer the training site as a bonus for people to join our team and to cause duplication in our downlines.

Do you have any other training methods?

We have the training site being set-up now at , training calls every few weeks, phone training, and a blog at where useful tips and news is posted.

Do I get paid weekly, or monthly?

All commissions are paid the 15th of the following month after commissions are tabulated.  The first month someone joins the team, the person who enrolled them gets a 60% fast start bonus, no matrix commissions are paid on that person.  In the following months commissions are paid regularly as illustrated HERE.  You are paid either through mailed check, or by a "vmoney" card which you sign up for in the back office; the v-money is a wire transfer than automatically on the 15th, the check takes a few days longer as it is mailed.