Liberty Health Net The People's Company

Quiet Fortunes!

For the past 7 years websites such as Liberty Health Net Leaders has been earning people quiet incomes from home. Industry veterans and all-stars from all over the world have joined Liberty Health Net including Alexis Goetz who has built downlines of over 10,000, and Frank Astheimer of the Special Deal Guy website. With this revolutionary forced matrix that you can re-enter unlimited times, it holds an unlimited income potential for anyone in LHN. Most network marketing companies don't last a year, but Liberty Health Net has been around for 7, and many more to come.

What If I Can't Recruit?

Don't worry we have that covered. LHN has the probuilder system set up for all member 100% FREE. It comes with an array of splash pages, an autoresponder, and step by step lessons to success. We even provide sources for leads, pre-enrollees and lessons on all types of marketing.

In addition to the LHN probuilder system, Liberty Health Net has been kind enough to provide an additional free autoresponder pre-loaded with follow up messages and leads. I also provide all team members with 200 leads a day for any use.

We have recently launched our direct mail system. For only $85 you can send out 200 postcards to prospects all over the country, best part is you just pay and LHN sends them out for you, 100% automated. The cards are pulling in 2% right now, which means 4 sign-ups per mailing, totaling between $72 and $240 in fast start bonuses, paying off your entire advertising cost. LHN could not be any simpler, leverage the efforts of your downline and give yourself a raise every day.

What Can I Offer You?


I know you could always join with a different team, so what is so special about my team? Well that would be the bonuses. As we speak I am uploading e-books and software to my website specifically for my team member to help them succeed. There you will find e-books and software on craiglist posting, free advertising, social bookmarking, myspace marketing, video marketing, and anything else you might need, I am even open to requests.

I also have several team co-ops set up for all my LHN enrollees stretching from e-mail marketing, to solo ads, to FFA ads, and much more. I also provide you with pro memberships to 14 safelists where you can mail your ads to thousands of people for FREE. I also offer free e-mail and phone consultation at no cost, as well as team training calls.

Well I am sure you will make the right decision, if not I don't have time to speak to fence riders. This is a serious opportunity for serious networkers and I only work with the best so when you are ready to really make some money from home come see me. LHN will still be here, and so will I.