Liberty Healt Net Training 


 The training my Liberty Health Net team provides is phenomenal.  In addition to the training sites from the company, the lhn prbuilder system, and a few smaller training sites, I am currently building the most comprehensive training possible specifically for my team.

It will be located at but will have protected access granted only to my Liberty Health Net downline.  Inside will be ads that convert, my proven adwords campaigns that convert at between 7 and 10 percent.

SEO Techniques, how I got my Liberty health net site on the first and second page of Google.  I will be including white hat methods to show you how to get ranked high and stay there.  My special techniques to also get indexed within 3 days, and the only submission service that actually works.

Over $50,000 in downloadable software, e-books, scripts, and more.  They will all come with the apppropriate so you can sell them for a profit, or even give them away to build a customer base, it's up to you.  Topics covered will range from craigslist ads, to myspace, to ebay, and many more.

To properly promote a business, you need to know where to advertise, or at least have a sponsor who does.  I will give you my top ad sources that get the most bang for your buck.  By tomorrow you can even be promoting Liberty Health Net for free.  Most marketers can barely name 10 ways to market online, I can think of 20 off the top of my head, and you can learn all of these from me personally.

We also hold regular team training conference calls to keep everyone knowledgeble and working.  We cover topics such as fully utilizing the Pay it forward system, traffic generation techniques, and much more.

I will also be providing banners and graphics like the ones seen on these pages to anyone who wants to build there own site.  I can build them with any phrase you would like, good graphics are essential to a proper web page. 

For those who prefer to build their own website, I will be providing special software and scripts to help them, at no cost to them.  I am also working on tutorials for web building, but for now I will be providing WYSIWYG editors that require little or no html knowledge to use.

Some uplines refuse to reveal their advertising sources for fear of oversaturation.  I have long since gotten my 4 people and more, so I would prefer for my members to utilize my ad sources rather than I seek extra profit, this way we can all see success with Liberty Health Net.

Some people think because they have a lack of money that they can't join.  Craigslist is free, there are also safelists, traffic exchange (I don't recommend these), and also my list of 14 safelists with free pro memberships.  Also my little known site that lets me e-mail 3.3 million people a day for less than $15 a month.  I will also be giving my article and press release sources that continue to generate me traffic onths after they have been posted.

Remember everyone it's not just the business you join, it matters more the team, so join a successful team, who will lead you hand in hand to a better financial destiny.



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